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Big Data in Manufacturing


Improved Demand Generation, Optimized Production, Product Lifecycle Management, More New Product Successes, Supply Chain Management: Hadoop can help you make correct decisions.

Despite early advances, manufacturing, arguably more than most other sectors, faces the challenge of generating significant productivity improvement in industries that have already become relatively efficient.

Nobody disputes manufacturing's increasing competitive challenges and quest for improved productivity, however, these challenges are no small feat as most manufacturers have already adopted lean manufacturing, ridded themselves of non-value added activities, optimized the supply chain, streamlined and automated business processes, and squeezed costs to the point where there's just no more fat. So where exactly is the next productivity or business model break-through opportunity?

We at Datafence, firmly believe it's in the next information renaissance being brought by the combination of Big Data and the Internet of Things. These are two synergistic and disruptive technologies that can uncover and leverage data that is absent, hidden or unappreciated in order to deliver actionable information capable of changing production processes, customer engagement and manufacturing business models. Avoiding the technology esoterics and theories we have some real world examples with tangible results that can be replicated by just about anybody willing to explore this opportunity further.

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