Our Data Services Will Raise Your Business Above the Expected

Business Intelligence

Transform your data into Information, Knowledge and Efficient, Profitable Actions.

Success in the marketplace is hugely dependent on having the right information at the right time. No one can argue against the benefits of having access to up-to-date information for Data Mining and Business Intelligence applications. Businesses, large or small are constantly being inundated with information requests in the form of new reports and statistical data needed to help management make key policy decisions and respond to public demands. Information Management Solutions read, transform and integrate Data from multiple operational / external systems.

They help you:

  • Insights and Knowledge from the extracted information.
  • Facilitate Collaboration & Action within the organization.

Leading to:

  • Superior Performance.
  • Optimized Profitibility.

Most of the business data, that accumulates with business organisations, does not provide value unless it is transformed into business information that is ably managed and interpreted for decision making and strategic direction setting. Information Management results in better reporting, compliance to regulatory requirements and better customer insight. Besides, it helps in fraud detection, prevention of cost leakage, M&A integration, performance tracking to drive change thereby contributing to overall business success.

Database Administration

Today´s information technology systems and databases require monitoring and administration 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The financial impact of a system or a database being down is not affordable, keeping in mind the current highly competitive market. As the demand for these IT systems continuously increases, 24*7*365 monitoring and administration also ensures proactive tuning of databases and systems for performance. Outsourcing system and database administration and monitoring to vendors offering these services lets organizations concentrate on their core business activities and processes and is an established and proven practice today.

Datafence offers cost-effective onsite or remote DBA service plans that are a cost-effective alternative to hiring a team of full-time DBAs. As we utilize sophisticated monitoring techniques and tools, we offer world-class database support services at highly affordable prices. Our mission is to reduce maintenance cost and enable the customer to focus on their core business processes. Combining several years of industry experience, expert technical knowledge, proven methodologies and efficient delivery model we are able to provide our services effectively and economically. Our services range from 24x7 monitoring and maintenance to more advanced services like performance tuning, disaster recovery, data conversion and migration, implementing high-availability solutions.